Mark up a Document or Drawing

From Viewpoint Team™, you can mark up a PDF document or drawing to add lines, shapes, arrows, images, or notes by going to Projects > Documents/Drawings.

Once a markup or note is added to a document, other project collaborators can view the markup and comment on it by clicking Reply.

  1. From the home page, under Projects, select the name of the project you want to open.
    Alternatively, go to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Projects, and then select the name of the project you want to open.
    The Dashboard for the project appears.
  2. Click the Documents or Drawings tab, and then navigate to and click on the document or drawing you want to view.
    The document or drawing opens in your browser.
  3. From the viewer toolbar, select a markup tool and add your markup as described below.
    Icon Option
    Free hand. Click and drag to add a free hand line.
    Add shape. Hover to select a cloud/polygon, square or circle.

    If the cloud is selected, click and drag to add each side of the polygon, and then double-click to complete the shape.

    For the square or circle, click and drag to add the shape.

    Arrow/line. Hover to select a line or arrow. Click and drag to add a line or arrow to your document.
    Free text. Click and drag to add a text box to your document.
    Add a stamp. When selected, click in your document, and then navigate to an image that you want to insert as a stamp.

    You can also use the stamp tool to add your user name or the current date as a markup.

    • : Click to add your user name. Once added, you can select the text and change the style or text.
    • : Click to add the current date. Once added, you can select the text and change the style or text.
    • : Click to add a signature. From the Signature dialog box, you can select Make Repeat Signature to save the signature. The next time you click the signature tool, you can click My Signature to add the saved signature.
    Select color. Click to select a color for your markup.
  4. For any markup you can change the style, move it within the document, add a note, or delete it. For drawing markups, you can also add a link to an existing work item in the same project.
    1. Click the Select button to enable select mode, and then click the markup you wish to modify, comment on, or delete.
    2. Click the button for the desired option or move the markup as needed.
      Note the following:
      • Clicking the Style button opens the Style dialog box, which provides options for changing markup properties such as color, font size, line thickness, and opacity. This dialog box provides Advanced and Basic options.
      • Clicking the Note button opens the Notes Panel where you can add notes for any markups, as well as edit existing notes or delete a markup. You can also open the Notes Panel by clicking the arrow on the right-hand border of the PDF viewer.
      • (For drawing markups only) Clicking the Link button opens the Relate Existing Record dialog. From there you can select a work item type and number to link that work item to the markup. For details, see Relate a Drawing Markup to a Work Item.
      • (For drawing markups only) Clicking the Create and Link button opens the Create Related Record dialog. From there you can create new a work item. For details, see Create a New Item from Markup.
  5. When you're finished adding markups, click the Save button to save your changes.
For documents, saving the markups will create a new version of the document. You can check the version number of the document from the Version column on the Documents page for your project.