ViewpointOne™ Workcenter Home page

The home page for the ViewpointOne™ workcenter shows all your Viewpoint Team™ projects and work items, and depending on your license, may also show links to Analytics reports.

Assigned To Me

In addition to showing you the items assigned to you, it shows due dates and status details, which you can use to help prioritize your work.

You can filter the Assigned to Me list by item type or by other parameters. To filter by item type, click the down arrow and select the item type you wish to view. To filter by other parameters, click View and select the filter parameter.


By default, projects are listed in alphabetical order. To move a project to the top of the list, click the star icon for that project.

To view a summary of work items for a project, click the down arrow below the star icon.

You can search for a project by clicking the search icon . In the search field, type the name of the project and then press Enter. You can also sort the list of projects by name or number. To sort, click Sort By, and select a sorting option.


If you use Viewpoint Analytics, the ViewpointOne home page provides an Analytics section. Access your Viewpoint Analytics reports by selecting one of the folders under the Analytics heading or create a new report by clicking the + icon.