Filter the List of RFIs

You can filter the list of RFIs to limit the RFIs displayed and quickly find the ones you want to work with by going to Projects > RFIs > Filter.

You can filter on multiple fields at a time, but only RFIs that match all the criteria entered are displayed. The list is only filtered for you. Other users are not affected by the filters you add.

  1. From the home page, under Projects, select the name of the project you want to open.
    Alternatively, go to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Projects, and then select the name of the project you want to open.
    The Dashboard for the project appears.
  2. Click the RFIs tab.
  3. Click the Filter button .
    The Filters pane appears.
  4. Enter filter criteria in one or more fields in the following areas:
    • Details
    • Dates
    • States
    • Organization/Roles
    Tip: Click on an Area header to see the fields in that area.
  5. Click Apply.
    The Filter Active button appears above the list of RFIs.
The list of RFIs is limited to just those that meet all the criteria you entered.
After you filter the list of RFIs, you may want to modify the filter. Follow the steps above to modify the filter. You may also want to remove the filter. See Remove Filters from the List of RFIs.