About Integrating with Azure AD

You can integrate with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage user access and enable single sign-on (SSO) to ViewpointOne.

By integrating with Azure AD and using SSO, you can log into ViewpointOne using a consistent and secure process defined by your company from any supported device.

The integration between Azure AD and ViewpointOne is a two step process:
  • Contact Viewpoint Support for a representative to configure single sign on for ViewpointOne.
  • Add ViewpointOne in the Azure Active Directory Portal
Once you have integrated ViewpointOne SSO with Azure AD, you can:
  • Use Azure AD to manage user access and enable single sign-on with ViewpointOne.
  • Use the Azure portal to manage your accounts in a centralized location.
  • Enable your users to be automatically signed-in to ViewpointOne SSO with their Azure AD accounts.


To configure Azure AD integration with ViewpointOne, you need the following items:
  • An Azure AD subscription and an Azure account with Admin privileges (either Application Admin or Global Admin).
  • ViewpointOne single sign-on enabled subscription.

Contact Viewpoint Support

To configure single sign on for ViewpointOne, contact the Viewpoint Support team and be prepared to provide your target domain name (for example, viewpoint.com) through which you are logging into ViewpointOne.

Please log on to the Viewpoint Support Portal to contact Viewpoint Support. A Viewpoint Support representative will configure single sign on for your enterprise in ViewpointOne, and then notify you when it's time to add ViewpointOne in the Azure Active Directoryportal.

Add ViewpointOne in the Azure Active Directory Portal

Follow the steps to add an application to your Azure AD tenant as described in this Azure AD Article, and then search for the ViewpointOne application. Note the following:

  • When the form for ViewpointOne appears, click Sign up for ViewpointOne.

  • When the Permissions requested dialog appears, select Consent on behalf of your organization to provide consent for your organization to use ViewpointOne as described in the dialog, and then click Accept.

    Note: If you do not select the option to provide "Consent on behalf of your organization" then all users in your organization will see a similar dialog when they log into ViewpointOne, and will need to provide consent separately.

After accepting, the integration is complete, and you will be redirected to the ViewpointOne home page.